Primarius provides the most advanced SPICE modeling service and PDK service for leading foundries and fabless companies. Its professional service team, located in the US and China has served hundreds of customers in the past 20 years, offering SPICE modeling and validation services, PDK development and validation, consultation and training and more. Primarius also provides device characterization and data analysis services using its advanced device characterization labs located in Silicon Valley, Calif. , Jinan, China and Beijing, China.


Key Benefits

Leading SPICE modeling service and PDK service with track records for 20 years

Profound understanding of device models and unique experience on SPICE model development in EDA industry

High quality and high efficient service backed up by the most experienced team and combination of self-developed golden SPICE modeling tool, PDK validation tool and semiconductor parameter analyzer.

Device Modeling Service Scope

Test chip design

Measurement for DC, CV, RF, noise (1/f, RTS, thermal), and reliability characteristics

  • DC (max:Voltage 200V, Current 1A, Power 20W)

  • AC (Freq Range:20Hz~2MHz,Bias Range:-40V~40V )

  • 1/f Noise (Freq Range:0.01Hz-10MHz, Noise Floor:1e-27A2/Hz)

Interconnect modeling

Baseband and RF modeling for MOSFET, SOI, FinFET, HV/LDMOS, TFT, BJT/HBT, passive devices, etc.

Noise modeling

Reliability modeling for AgeMOS and customized reliability models

Model customization, consultation, and training

PDK Service Scope

PDK service covers mainstream technologies which includes CMOS, SOI, BCD and RF technology. Our engineering team conducted PDK service projects on more than 12 technology nodes including latest FinFET PDK. The powerful PDK validation tool PQLab ensures the quality of generated PDK.

Technology File

TF file development, display file development,libInitial file development

PDK Install Script

Symbol & Pcell

MOS- Normal device( core or IO device), BJT, Diode, Resistor, MOM, MIM, Varactor, HV device, Ultra HV device which use some special structure,

Technical transfer

Training (PDK Develop/On-site), all source code

Runset Develop (DRC/LVS/LPE/XRC)

Target Customers

Semiconductor manufacturing companies (foundries/IDMs)

  • Test chip design, measurement, model extraction, and validation, PDK development and validation

  • Modeling environment setup

  • Flow development, training and technical consultation

Fabless design houses

  • Model extraction or retargeting for specific applications

  • Foundry model validation or customization

  • PDK validation and performance comparison