Intelligent Automated Extraction


SDEP is a Spec-Driven Extraction Platform, which aims at building a development platform with modern computing power and providing customers with a system to retain and inherit precious know-how knowledge on device modeling.

SDEP integrates data analysis and presentation functions, different optimization algorithms, convergence controls, parameter filtering, model QA and many automation features.

SDEP enables modeling engineers to build custom extraction flow step by step with flexible and versatile building blocks to fully automate the flow.


Key Benefits

  • Solid platform verified by a variety of established SDEP flow on advanced technology nodes showing significant increase in speedup, capacity and accuracy.

  • Fully integrated and reusable modeling flow covering various applications and fully customable on top of  Primarius  provided baseline flow. .

  • User can do all the editing for SDEP APIs as basic units of SDEP flow. Each API can be set through simple interaction with API property.

  • SDEP enables application-oriented model auto-flow.

  • SDEP automatically tries different algorithms to meet the spec than just get best-fits.

  • Real-Time Spec Checking.


  • Support all models, including compact models and macro models

  • Complete coverage on

  • I-V, C-V best-fitting

  • Temperature best-fitting

  • Retargeting

  • Corner

  • Support basic device/technology analysis, such as critical length (Lc), delta W/L vs. W/L, etc

  • Support irregular W/L and automatically handle I-V/C-V data mismatch