High Capacity Waveform Viewer


NanoWave is a high-performance and high-capacity waveform viewer. It has been developed and optimized for Primarius NanoSpice simulators. NanoWave's advanced framework features state-of-the-art software development technology, NanoWave is optimized to efficiently load and display very large databases with an array of features to display, measure, analyze and debug simulation results.   



Key Advantage

  • Ease of use 

-- Fast loading and browsing (fully operational in seconds after loading)

-- Large number of data points (32M+ points)

-- Large waveform size (240G+ waveform file)

-- Large waveform files (100K+ MC)

-- Fully compatible data formats and analysis features

-- Rich calculator functions for signal post-processing

  • Versatility 

-- Input data format and analysis capabilities are compatible with standard design flow.

-- Directly replaces other waveform tools for circuit simulation results viewing and analysis. 


  • Supports standard SPICE simulation analysis
  • Support NWF/FSDB/PSF ASCII and Binary/TR0 ASCII format
  • Comprehensive calculator functions
  • FFT/DFT analysis tool box
  • Eye Diagram analysis tool box
  • Analog to Digital signal conversion tool box
  • Intuitive graphic functions for waveform display

Application Example