Low Frequency Noise Measurement System


Primarius 9812DX is an enhanced version of the industry's de-facto standard flicker noise (1/f noise) measurement systems 9812D and 9812B. 9812DX sets new records in measurement speed, system resolution and coverage of different types of measurement requirements for flicker noise and random telegraph noise or signaling (RTN or RTS). Flicker noise is the dominant noise for deep sub-micron and nanometer CMOS, bipolar junction transistor (BJT), field effect transistor (FET) and heterojunction bipolar transistor (HBT) devices. 

9812DX includes an order of magnitude improvement in measurement resolution compared with the legacy systems, and higher voltage tolerance of up to 200V. The 9812DX system provides extended capability to cover extreme conditions such as diode dark current noise and is the only system on the market that accommodates a complete range of measurement conditions for both high and low impedance devices, with a range of 10Ω-10MΩ.

To meet the challenge of explosive growth of requirements for low frequency noise test in advanced technology nodes, especially in FinFET technology, 9812DX delivers a significant and innovative improvement in the design of system hardware and software. With a typical noise measurement speed of 10 sec/bias, 9812DX sets a new high-speed record. The 9812DX can be used in conjunction with the Primarius semiconductor parameter testing system FS-Pro – resulting in a parallel testing framework solution that significantly improves testing efficiency and throughput.

The 9812DX has been adopted by many foundries following 9812B/D and has become the new golden tool for low frequency noise testing. It is widely used for development of the most advanced semiconductor process technology nodes, from 14 nm and 10nm to 7nm and 5nm. 


Key Advantage

Proven gold standard:Indispensable tool for many leading foundries & top fabless companies 

Ultimate resolution:Multiple built-in LNAs provide the widest impedance matching range 

Full device type coverage:All conditions including high voltage and extreme low current 

Highest speed:Fast noise measurement speed and efficient statistical noise analysis 

Broad technology support:Proven in all technology nodes including 14/10/7/5nm  



Process quality evaluation and monitoring for advanced technology (FinFET/FD-SOI/GaN) development 

Noise characterization for SPICE model extraction 

Process/device evaluation for advanced circuit designs  

Hardware Specifications

  • Wide range

-- Maximum Terminal Voltages and Currents: 200V, 200mA 

  • High resolution

-- System Noise Current Resolution:<10-27A2/Hz 

  • High speed

-- 10 sec/bias for typical device 1/f noise 

  • Wide impedance range

-- DUT impedance range from 10Ω to 10 MΩ 

  • Input/Load resistors

-- 17 Gate/Base options, 15 Drain/Collection options Voltage LNA<0.03-10MHz, 0.65nV/Hz(@5kHz) Current LNA <0.03-1MHz, 0.7pA/ Hz(@5kHz) ESD DUT Protections Built-in ADC and DSA  

Software Specifications

The 9812DX features NoiseProPlus as the built-in software. NoiseProPlus has very powerful functionality for 1/f noise and RTN noise measurement and data analysis

Specifications :

  • Drivers for 9812DX/D/B/A, and all popular IV meters 
  • Drivers for Cascade/SUSS/MPI probe stations 
  • Multi-mode device and bias auto-measurement control 
  • Simultaneous 1/f and RTN noise characterization 
  • Statistical noise characterization and analysis features 
  • Rich graphical and data analysis features 


 Application Example



Please refer to 9812/FS-Pro Technical White Paper for more technical instructions on noise testing/semiconductor parametric testing. Primarius - White Paper (