Primarius Technologies Attended the Virtual ICMTS 2020

Date: May 8, 2020
Place: Visit Primarius at virtual booth

The International Conference on Microelectronic Test Structures (ICMTS) is the premier conference devoted to the development, measurement and analysis of test structures, providing a forum for designers and users of test structures to discuss recent developments and future directions. The meeting is an IEEE conference, sponsored by the IEEE Electron Devices Society. Unlike other large-scale conferences, this highly focused one offers participants the opportunity for in-depth exchanges.


As a long-term sponsor of ICMTS, Primarius Technologies set up a virtual exhibition booth in ICMTS 2020 and presented the latest information about our product and technology progress. This year, Primarius emphasized on the introduction of newly updated 9812DX and FS-Pro and details were available from our experts:  

At the beginning of May, Primarius Technologies completed the important upgrades of the gold low-frequency noise measuring system 9812DX and the AI-driven integrated parameter testing system FS-Pro. The functions of these two products are more complete and the performances have been greatly improved.

About 9812DX:

Adopted by  foundries, IDMs and design companies as a standard noise measuring system
Its reliability and accuracy have been verified by more than manycustomers over 10 years
Support the  complete device types and provide the highest resolution with built-in multiple current/voltage amplifiers
Empower high-precision silicon level noise measurement under the widest voltage, current and impedance range
Industry No. 1 in measuring speed and parallel throughput with guaranteed accuracy
Applicable to all advanced process nodes


About FS-Pro:
AI-driven integrated high precision IV, CV and 1/f noise testing system
Testing speed can be 10X compared with traditional testing schemes
Extend easily to support production test with modular architecture
Embedded control software LabExpress for powerful analysis
Advanced options for industrial needs such as semi-automatic prober station, third-party instruments and reliability test
Wide range of up to 200V, 1A (3A pulse), and accuracy of 30fA
Scalable to a complete testing, modeling and simulating system with optional built-in modeling and simulation software (BPP / MeQLab / NanoSpice)
Lower SMU noise and faster DC testing speed can further accelerate 9812