Primarius Will Demonstrate The Fastest EDA Software Tools And AI-Driven Test & Measurement Equipment at the 2020 Virtual DAC

Date: July 20th-24, 2020
Place: Visit Primarius Electronics at virtual booth #2423

At virtual DAC 2020, Primarius is excited to demonstrate its EDA software tools—the fastest among competitive offerings—and its superior AI-driven Test & Measurement equipment. Primarius will proudly showcase its FastSPICE simulation solutions, NanoSpice family; AI-driven automatic SPICE model extraction solution, Spec-Driven Extraction Platform (SDEP); the new all-in-one semiconductor parameter analyzer FS-Pro and updated 1/f noise measurement system 9812DX.


The NanoSpice family has been widely adopted by  fabless semiconductor design companies and integrated device manufacturers (IDMs) worldwide. The family has overwhelming advantages for simulation of large-scale memory designs, such as DRAM, flash and SRAM, and naturally has been adopted by memory companies. SDEP facilitates SPICE model extraction, which was time-consuming and an ever-present obstacle to Design Technology Co-Optimization (DTCO) in real engineering practice of advanced process technology development. What took weeks before to run model extraction, with Primarius ' SDEP can be completed in a matter of hours and it is completely automatic. When introduced, SDEP became an instant success and quickly won orders from tier-one semiconductor companies. Both FS-Pro and 9812DX have been enhanced to provide advanced noise measurement and generic semiconductor parametric testing. These enhancements will be especially useful for semiconductor device and material research, circuit design, technology development and manufacturing.


As process technology shrinks into the single-digit nanometer range, both manufacturers and designers of semiconductor products must confront the critical factors of yield and cost. Using 3D design technology co-optimization has become essential to develop new manufacturing processes and deliver semiconductor products from that process. As a provider of comprehensive EDA solutions from Silicon characterization, device modeling to large-scale circuit simulation and verification, and an active builder of ecosystem; Primarius is highly competitive in both foundry design platform EDA and memory design EDA. It is a pioneer in making DTCO meaningful and accessible in real applications, which aims to accelerate the development of advanced process, improve the design performance and yield, and shorten time to market.




For DAC 2020

This year marks the 10th year in a row of Primarius ’ participation in DAC. DAC has evolved over these years to address emerging challenges and so does Primarius . Its rapid development in the past decade has been witnessed and well-recognized by the industry.

Date: July 20-24, 2020

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Visit Primarius at virtualbooth #2423

We will present:

1. Product display: Fast simulation solutions, NanoSpice family / automatic model extraction solution, SDEP / all-in-one semiconductor parameter analyzer FS-Pro.

2. Technical documents: on-demand download of technical documents of the full portfolio (product manual / function index / application note, etc.)

3. Online experts: Six experts in testing, modeling and simulation to discuss and share.

Welcome to our booth to get the information you are interested in.


About DAC

As the premier conference for the design and automation of electronic systems, DAC (Design Automation Conference) has been the most sought-after annual gathering of global EDA professionals for 57 consecutive years. Due to the world-wide corona pandemic, DAC 2020 is going virtual with online conference and virtual exhibit hall, to deliver and meet the expectations of attendees with a technically rich, compelling and immersive program.


The 57th DAC covers from EDA to design on Cloud, machine learning, embedded systems and more, and also includes a broad spectrum of verticals closely integrated with and/or dependent on cutting-edge electronic design automation.


In collaboration with the entire DAC community, the DAC executive committee teams are committed to make the DAC 2020 virtual experience a successful and memorable event. The always inspiring keynotes involve both the latest cutting-edge academic research and industrial application experience-sharing. The virtual exhibit hall is a highlight of DAC 2020 and a continuous online communication platform as well, featuring top EDA, design on cloud and IP companies as the physical one.