New Benchmark of Semiconductor Testing System:9812 and FS-Pro upgrade


On May 6th, Primarius Technologies announced important updates of semiconductor testing products: the gold low-frequency noise measuring system 9812DX and the AI-driven integrated parameter testing system FS-Pro.


Not only more functions are added, but also their performances have been greatly improved. It is the crystallization of advanced algorithm and rich engineering experiences.


Since its introduction, 9812 series have been adopted as the standard noise measuring system by foundries,  IDM companies and design companies. It is also the must-have of major Chinese foundries.


Particularly, the new 9812DX, aiming at the development of 14/10/7/5nm and below process nodes and the increasingly complicated requirements of high-end chip design, can meet the needs of different process types, device types and different conditions with the high bandwidth and high precision at wafer level, and greatly improve the measuring speed.


In this upgrade, 9812DX seamlessly integrates the intelligent SMU provided by FS-Pro team, offering a complete measurement solution to from DC parameters to noise characteristics. Users no longer need to configure expensive SMU by themselves. Built-in intelligent SMU almost doubles the measuring speed. It is noted that old users of 9812 are also supported for upgrading.


Jizhao Zhang, director of 9812 development, said: "Compared with traditional semiconductor parameter analyzer, FS-Pro is small, fast and flexible. Now, 9812 system and NoiseProPlus software can seamlessly call FS-Pro as a built-in SMU, which can improve the overall speed by 2~5X. "


FS-Pro is the AI-driven integrated solution of IV, CV, 1/f noise testing system. It can be widely used in the testing of typical semiconductor devices, LED materials, two-dimensional devices, metal materials, new advanced materials and devices. FS-Pro can support up to one hundred channels, and has significant advantages in versatility, scalability and speed. It has been adopted by many design companies, foundries, IDM, as well as dozens of universities and research institutions.


In this upgrade, benefited from rich experiences of 9812DX team, FS-Pro leaps in low-frequency noise testing ability and has been comprehensively calibrated and objectively compared with 9812DX within its nominal frequency bandwidth.


Now FS-Pro can solve lots of low-frequency parameter testing. Miao Li, chief scientist and director of FS-Pro development, said that the positioning of FS-Pro is to provide a fast and integrated semiconductor parameter testing solution with advantages in algorithm. “We have many years of experiences in prediction and data recovery. Joining Primarius Technologies further strengthens our advancement.”


The integrations and upgrades coincide with the global outbreak of coronavirus. The team has overcome the difficulties of no face-to-face discussion, lab closure and supply chain halting and managed to finish prototype development, measurements and calibration.


Dr. Zhihong Liu, CEO of Primarius Technologies, is the developer of 9812 series and the holder of many related patents. He said: "I am very touched by the close cooperation and hard work of our team during this hard time. It is an innovation to integrate 1/f noise function into FS-Pro. Its ultra-low frequency noise testing ability and complete IV, CV characterization function perfectly meet the needs of scientific research and engineering, which will make FS-Pro a necessity for universities and research institutes to carry out semiconductor research. With the integration of FS-Pro's low noise SMU, Primarius Technologies provides a more complete, efficient and independent integrated noise measuring solution. In the future, we will continue to combine the respective advantages of 9812 and FS-Pro, and successively launch noise and general parameter testing products with higher accuracy, faster speed and stronger functions.”


In order to facilitate users' further understanding of the upgraded products, we will hold a FS-Pro online forum on June 18. Our technical experts will interpret the upgraded systems in detail and demonstrate their strong functions. Please pay attention to the follow-up news.