Primarius Technologies

Founding Team

Founded by a group of industry veterans in 2010

Successfully listed

Initial Public Offering and Listing on the STAR Market


Include foundries, design house and IDMs

The forward-looking vision and layout in the EDA industry

Since its establishment in 2010, Primarius’s founding team has been guided by the concept of "Design for Yield (DFY) to enhance the competitiveness of IC design and manufacturing" to conduct forward-looking technology research and development and product layout, carry out EDA process innovation mainly focusing on the characteristics of the development of China's IC industry, promote in-depth and efficient linkage in the field of IC design and manufacturing, and improve the overall technical level and market competitiveness of China's IC industry. In the past five years, the advanced process nodes have evolved to 10nm and below, and the complexity and risk of design and manufacturing have greatly increased. Whether chips can be guaranteed to have higher performance and yield has become the focus of IC companies. This forward-looking concept has been fully verified, and after years of accumulation, it has further evolved into a new "Design Technology Co-Optimization (DTCO)" methodology.

EDA key technologies with competitiveness in the international market

Since its inception, Primarius has been focusing on the independent design and research and development of EDA tools. It has mastered the core EDA technology that is competitive in the international market and independently controllable in the key links of device modelling and circuit simulation, the two major integrated circuit manufacturing and design; formed core key tools that can support advanced process nodes such as 7nm/5nm/3nm and various semiconductor process routes such as FinFET and FD-SOI; and built higher technical barriers, which provide a solid foundation for the company to continue to carry out technological innovation, maintain technological advancement and market position, and broaden product categories.

Many years of adoption for global leading customers

As a manufacturer of large-scale and high-precision IC simulation, high-end semiconductor device modelling, and semiconductor parameter testing solutions, Primarius has completed the successful transformation from technology to products after years of R&D investment, and has been recognized and adopted by the world's leading semiconductor manufacturers for its product performance and quality. Renowned internationally, the company's EDA tools for device modelling and verification have formed a relatively stable market position worldwide and get widely used by the world's leading Fabs. Under the pattern of high market monopoly, the company's EDA tools for circuit simulation and verification have gained a strong competitive edge in the field of global memory chips, partially realized the replacement of the world's leading companies, and been widely applied by the world's leading memory chip manufacturers.