Silicon Creations采用概伦电子NanoSpice用于高速SerDes IP的仿真设计


SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwired - Mar 8, 2016) - Silicon Creations, supplier of high-performance semi-custom analog and mixed-signal intellectual property (IP), confirmed today it has deployed NanoSpice™, a high-performance parallel SPICE simulator from ProPlus Design Solutions, Inc., to simulate its SerDes interface IP designs.

The parallel SPICE circuit simulator is an important part of Silicon Creation's design flow, used to boost simulation performance and throughput of both top-level and block-level simulations of SerDes IP designs in 28-, 16- and 10-nanometer (nm). "We've been impressed by the performance and accuracy of NanoSpice," notes Randy Caplan, principal and co-founder of Silicon Creations. "The addition of NanoSpice to our simulation flow has reduced our total verification time significantly, and its accuracy has been verified by silicon."

With a pure SPICE engine, NanoSpice offers the industry's highest accuracy, which is ideally suited for high accurate analog applications. As the latest parallel SPICE simulator, the NanoSpice engine has an all new, built-in parallelization, unlike "patched" parallelization solutions of other SPICE simulators. The advanced parallelization technologies enable users to fully leverage the power of advanced multi-core hardware resources and to run faster and/or more simulations without increasing the total hardware and software investment. Additionally, NanoSpice can handle more than 50-million element circuit simulations with pure SPICE accuracy for superior capacity five times more than other SPICE simulators.

"High-profile organizations such as CERN depend on Silicon Creations' IP," remarks Dr. Zhihong Liu, chairman and chief executive officer of ProPlus, the leading technology provider of giga-scale SPICE simulation and nano-scale SPICE modeling solutions. "Our priority is to provide the high-performance and accurate simulation tools for advanced design needs like Silicon Creations. While NanosSpice can provide competitive performance and accuracy, design teams also enjoy the unique economic benefits with our unique license model that guarantee several times higher performance or throughput at the same cost."

NanoSpice shares the same core SPICE engine with ProPlus' BSIMProPlus™, the de-facto golden device modeling software used by all leading foundries, enabling foundry-validated accuracy and compatibility. NanoSpice has full SPICE analysis features and supports industry-standard inputs and outputs, enabling direct replacement of other SPICE simulators in existing design flows.

About Silicon Creations

Silicon Creations is focused on providing world-class silicon intellectual property (IP) for precision and general-purpose timing (PLLs), SerDes and high-speed differential I/Os. Silicon Creations' IP is in mass production from 16- to 180-nanometer process technologies. With a complete commitment to customer success, its IP has an excellent record of first silicon to mass production in customer designs. Silicon Creations, founded in 2006, is self-funded and growing. The company has development centers in Atlanta, Ga., and Krakow, Poland, and worldwide sales representation. For more information, visit

About ProPlus Design Solutions

ProPlus Design Solutions, Inc., delivers Electronic Design Automation (EDA) solutions with the mission to enhance the link between design and manufacturing. As the leading provider of nano-scale SPICE modeling, the innovative giga-scale SPICE simulation and design for yield (DFY) applications, it provides the industry's golden SPICE modeling platform, the first and only GigaSpice simulator, and the only integrated DFY design platform. Founded in 2006, ProPlus Design Solutions has R&D centers in San Jose, Calif., Beijing and Jinan, China, and offices in Tokyo, Japan, Hsinchu, Taiwan, and Shanghai, China. More information about ProPlus Design Solutions can be found